I basically have been drawing since I could eat crayons, which the orange ones never tasted like an orange but it didn’t stop me from trying.  After graduating from college with a degree in studio art, I immersed myself in a 9-5 job and left my creativity outside in the rain.

When my husband dragged me to the upteenth comic convention, (yes, I was one of the lowly comic girls hovering behind her man while he sifted through $1 boxes) I finally opened my eyes to the artist alley.  After that, I thought it would neato to be one of those artists sitting there, but I had no idea what to do.  Not long after that, I got the idea for Ninja Pea.  I thought to myself, “What do I love?  I love ninjas, and I love peas, but my husband hates them with a fiery unnatural passion.  I need to make them cool”…so Ninja Pea was born.

Now, Ninja Pea has become more than just a ninja.  I mean, if he can be a ninja why can’t he be a superpea too?  Plus, our daughter loves peas, so my husband is surrounded.

His first story, “The Adventures of Ninja Pea:  Rise of Ninja Club,”  was actually published into a small book, and I have more copies to sell if any one is interested.  I decided the costs of publishing are too high to keep going the book route, so Ninja Pea’s second adventure, “Day at the Beach,”  is a webcomic.  I’m currently working on the second part of “Rise of Ninja Club,”  as well as commissions for superpeas.