Today is my daughter’s 4th birthday.  So, I told her I would let her come up with the Ninja Pea comic that uploads on her birthday.  We sat down a few weeks ago, and this is the script she came up with:

“Lots of hearts.  Ninja Pea saw another ninja pea, who’s a girl.  He says HIIIII, and hugged her soooo tight.

Ninja Pea walked into the bathroom and saw Sno Pea and Kitty splashing and he got sooo wet.

Ninja Pea saw Kitty and Sno Pea both running towards him, jumped on him, and stayed there, and just slept.

Kaboom! All the stuff on the counter came down.  Tea cups.”

I hope you enjoy the comics from my 4-year-old’s mind!

Happy birthday Bugaboo!  (She would be so mad if she knew I called her that.)